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Here at HMB Care Services we offer a wide range of flexible hours and day or night shifts to suit your life style.

If you are already within the health sector, at college or university or looking to further your experience in this industry , HMB Care Services could be your next career choice.

We provide ongoing training and refresher courses to all our care support workers and can update your CRB/DBS and care certificates for you.




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24 Station Road
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Why should you join HMB Care Services?...

...because we care!


HMB provide ongoing training to all staff through various training centres in areas near you!

We run refresher courses for those who are wanting to top up skills and qualifications already achieved, providing certificates on completion.

We will also apply for or renew your enhanced CRB/DBS being registered with DBS Disclosure.

Other independant disclosure and barring services can take up to 8 weeks for certificates to be finalised, but with HMB the application is quick and efficient and only takes between 3 and 7 days for completion.


‘I would like to say a big Thank You to all the staff at HMB for helping me ease back into the world of work. After securing a position, I have been working like full-time staff as work is available every week. HMB also offer training and that helps a lot in
order to understand your role more, what to do, and how to do it. HMB have done so much to help me Thank you again!’



‘HMB have been very organised in getting me work at times that suit me. I highly recommend them’



‘HMB has helped me to improve on my career as a carer as I am exposed to different work
places with different work ethics and work tools and in each of these places there is
always something new to learn. It has also helped me impact and transfer knowledge. I have met good friends and colleagues at HMB and Pay days are timely and accurate.’



.‘There are so many positives to working for an agency and HMB is a great one! I love the flexible hours and I have met so many fantastic people on my journey’



‘Hey everyone…Ive been working with HMB as a support worker for a couple of years, we have been working as a team, we support each other all the time. Working with HMB gave me confidence, experience and a good challenge learning new things. Please feel free to join HMB the company of friendly love and care.’



It's so amazing working for HMB. They are soi reliable and very friendly! What I like most with HMB is that you are always paid on time...



24 Station Road
WD17 1JU


tel: 01923 244977

On-Call Hotline:

07958 700939 or